Rain Rain Here to Stay!

Posted on February 9, 2015 at 10:00 PM

While the rest of the continent is getting pounded by mountains of snow, we west coasters are bathing in rain.  Literally. It's so warm it is a little bath-like, and every day we're getting as soaked as if we got dressed and climbed in the tub and just sat there for a while. "Waterproof" has become a relative term, greenhouses are flooding and we've completely given up trying to dry the dogs off every time they come in--we have decided the muddy trail from door to kitchen is farm-chic.

Similarly, in the interests of being positive, we have compiled a list of the reasons we actually love the rain:

1) The sound on the rooftop at night.

2) Filling up the resevoirs!

3) The greenhouses may flood, but rain does not make them fall down! Snow, not so much (exhibit A--the delightful derelict item we still have languishing in the field) thanks to the snowfall of 2000.

4) At least we aren't freezing.

5) The west coast vistas really aren't complete without some moody precipitation!

6) Rainbows!!!

Photo Credit: Imagesbuddy.com

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