Springing Spring....or is it!?

Posted on March 11, 2014 at 2:05 AM

The last little while has produced a flurry of activity on the farm.  The salad mix growing in the greenhouses has shot up, and the fields are warming up and drying out at an alarming rate! It's like winter was yesterday (does anyone remember the foot of snow we had ten days ago!) and summer is today.  Mikayla (almost 6--resident flower arranging helper/niece exrordanaire) asked why she couldn't swim in the pool yet--after all, she was frolicking in shorts and a t-shirt. A lengthy explanation  of earth and axises and molecular structure ensued but it was hard to argue with her logic--we were, in fact, wearing t-shirts and were not cold.  The sun had been shining all day, and the pool was full of water. The tube of sunscreen may or may not have been pulled out.

I had no 6-year-old-proof answer for her.  Finally I distracted her with a do-it-yourself glitter tattoo kit.(pats self on back).

But her dedication to acting as the weather dictated made me think: why don't we pay more attention to what the weather says?

Farmers generally watch the weather compulsively, and we are no different at Kildara. When snow is forecast, we all stay close in case we have to knock all the white stuff off the greenhouses to prevent them from falling down (learned that one the hard way).  When a dry spell is forecast we all make sure the irrigation is ready for each field of crops and for the animals who depend on us for their survival.  When a rainy downfall is forecast we all get to work digging trenches--a sad effort to suggest to the water that rolling around the barn would be a much better plan than roaring through it. Sometimes these measures work, and sometimes they don't, but we try every time just the same.

No matter the ourcome, it is always comforting to know that us farmers are here, doing whatever we can to save our crops--your food--even if it means getting out of bed to whack and unexpected snowfall off of our greenhouses. 

Dear Weather: we love you and hate you!

xo Kildara

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