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Organic Rules!!!

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Since it's inception in 1986, Kildara Farms has always been organic, but we didn't start getting certified until 1994.  We have been completing the incredibly labour-intensive certification every year since.  Brian felt it was important to demonstrate our accountability and commitment to the process, so when people asked us what being "organic" meant, we had some clear guidelines to share with them.  Over the years, we have encountered a number of naysayers who say things like "oh, organic people just spray at night," and "no one regulates small farms anyway!" We have even had conversations with local farmers who say they are "as organic as the next guy."

This week marked a huge breakthrough in the fight to have all our food labelled, as British Columbia just passed a law making it illegal to use the word "organic" (in any of its forms), unless the farm is certified by a provincially or federally recognized certification body. Now everyone looking for organic food will know that if they are buying it in BC, if it says "organic" or "organically grown", the produce and meat they are buying has undergone an extensive certification process and adheres to the highest standards of purity and animal welfare! Three cheers for Organic!!!

Let's talk about Leeks!

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One of the best things about winter is the winter veggies! I know Kale is the hip and cool (do people even say "hip" anymore!?) veggie of the moment, but Leeks are my personal favourite.  Simple to prepare and subtly tastey, these members of the onion family are mild without being wimpy, and flavourful without overpowering a dish.  They are sublime by themselves sauteed with a little bit of butter, but also shine in quiches, on pizzas, and in soups.

Historically, the humble leek has served as the national Welsh emblem and was a favourite of the great Egyption Emporer Nero,  as demonstrated by the inarguable "Wikipedia":  "The leek was the favorite vegetable of the Emperor Nero, who consumed it in soup or in oil, believing it beneficial to the quality of his voice."

So go get some leeks, chop them up and find yourself a bit of butter--channel your inner Nero and have the delightful voice you've always dreamed of........or just enjoy a tasty winter delight!

Happy New Year!

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Well, with the chaos of the holidays we have been a little lazy with the blog posts! This winter has been interesting so far--we are thrilled with the success of the Moss Street Market's winter half market and are even more thrilled that we have had great success with our winter veg and show up each week with lots to sell! We had our biggest year ever with the salad production so we have to say a huge shout out to the best Kildara Team we have ever had making it happen! Our girls Monica, Rahel, Kim, Sarah and Charlie toiled away making sure everything was weeded, picked, washed and packed with Mike and Dave helping of course!--We're pretty sure it was all the laughter in the fields and greenhouses that made the greens grow their best!

We wish everyone a happy and healthy new year!

Moss Street Market

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 The Moss Street Market is Victoria's very best organic market, featuring growes from all over the penninsula and even as far away as the Cowichan Valley.  All the produce is certified organic so you can always find Victoria's best chefs and foodies trolling the stalls for the perfect pepper or potato. Every Saturday during the summer for the last 16 years, KIldara Farms has been a fixture at the corner of Fairfield and Moss Streets. 

This year we are excited to be a part of the new winter market held inside the school still on Saturdays but only for two hours between 10am-12pm.  We have lots of tastey treats including roasting chickens, apple juice, apples, turnips, kale and all kinds of other winter veggies, so come down and say hi!

Tamara and Chris

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On November 10th we were lucky enough to host Tamara and 
Chris as they said their wedding vows.  The day was 
unseasonably warm in the afternoon, brilliantly sunny and filled 
with laughter and love.  Cassidy of Nunn Other Photography 
captured these amazing shots in the beautiful fall light! It was the
perfect wedding to end the season here at Kildara!

Can we talk about the fruit flies this year!?

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This is, admittedly, not a very glamourous post for a blog.  It is unlikely to reel in new customers, inspire any great recipes, or change the world in any way.  But it does provide a delightful platform on which to vent our overall frustration at the proliferation of these tiny winged beasts!!  They are EVERYWHERE!!! We understand that at the moment our kitchen is filled with delectable treats like tomatoes and apples, but is the full-court press really necessary!?

Apparently this is one of the draw backs to a lengthy, hot summer! All and every tip to deal with these pesky creatures who seem to think the following things are magnetic would be appreciated:


The Kettle (brand new--literally still smells of packing popcorn)

Oven gloves

The expected assortment of actual FRUIT!!!

We wish to everyone, good luck in this battle as we soldier on!


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Thanksgiving means something different to all of us.  Here at Kildara, it often means being thankful for the harvest, being thankful that we are still here, being thankful that we are all still working together.........this year is (thankfully) no different! We have had a year full of changes and have come out the other end more productive and together than ever before! We are thankful that the Moss St Market will be going year round for the first time, we are thankful that the Root Cellar, Thrifty's, Market on Yates, The Red Barn, Fol Epi, Share Organics, The General Store, Food For Thought, Truffles, and our other loyal customers both personal and commercial are so supportive of what we do! And we are thankful for our health our family and our community! From our Thanksgiving to yours, we are grateful!!!


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It is hard to believe another summer has just flown by!!! We were so excited to host Farm Folk City Folk's annual fundraiser, the Feast of the Fields last month, and we couldn't have asked for a better day! The vendors served up the most delectable treats, and happy feasters could be seen relaxing under the apple tress, happily enjoying the spoils of the day!

We also have a new resident of the winged variety.  "Lucky" the dove flew in at the beginning of August, hopping up the step into the wedding barn each day and hanging out with whomever was about.  About a month later he got attacked by a hawk or something and a "Dove Rehab Centre" was hastily built! After lots of TLC, this little guy is back to normal and now we just have to figure out what to do with him (or her!) Any dove expert advice would be welcomed!!

On the production front, we are in the middle of harvesting our biggest and best crop of apples ever, so be sure to stop by the farm, the Root Cellar, the Red Barn Market or Moss St market to get some before they are gone!

Feast of the Fields

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We have big news (aside from the fact that the delightful deer have breached our "impenetrable" market garden fence....again): On September 14. Kildara Farms will host the annual Farm Folk City Folk fundraiser, The Feast of the Fields.  This event brings together the very best restaurants, wineries and producers on the island for a literal feast celebrating all that is local! Guests will meander through the orchard, relax on picnic blankets and stroll past the produce growing in the fields while they sample the very best food the island has to offer! We are so very grateful to Meadow Oak Nursery for enthusiastically coming on board to host the parking for the event.  If you like amazing food, wine, beer and cider, this is one event you won't want to miss!

April Showers......or NOT!

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The last thirty days have been all systems go on the farm! The fields finally dried out and planting was started in ernest--we are also thrilled to welcome back returning farm staff, Rahel, an amazing horticultural find, and the best weeder on the island--and she always has a smile on her face, Kim, who we were lucky enough to find last year and love her transplanting prowess and all around great attitude, and Sarah and Charlie our salad girls extraordinaire!!! We also need to welcome new addition Monica who had her first day today, and she brings with her a wealth of plant knowledge which we are excited to put to good use!

Our geese have been moved to "jail" as their new pen is affectionately called.  A few too many run ins for the gander with vehicles, people and on one particularly unfortunate occasion, a brief stint actually riding on the back of black lab Karma down the driveway as he pecked at her head! Very bad goose behaviour indeed! They seem to be happy in their pen though, it comes complete with a lovely a-frame house and paddling pool!

As everything blossoms and the growing season gets underway feel free to give us a call or stop by the farm to see all the lovely things we're growing!